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October Rotation

By bullpenbrian at 09.26.2008 Leave a comment.

  • Friday September 26th – Miller Park
  • Game (159): Brew Crew 5 – Cubs 1
  • Record (96-63)

The skinny: So, Lou has set the post season rotation as follows: Dempster, Zambrano, Harden & Lilly.

No question Ryan is the No.1 with the opener at Wrigley.

The right-hander is (14-3) at home with a 2.86 ERA including 114 punchouts vs. just 52 walks.

Furthermore, Dempster has allowed just six home runs in 129.0 innings pitched at the Friendly Confines, that’s hugely important in October when home runs are magnified.

And, should the series need a fifth game, Dempster will again pitch at home.

My personal change to the rotation would be dropping Z’ to the four spot, moving Harden to the No. 2 and making Lilly the No. 3.

Might sound nuts, but I would rather see a reliable Harden go instead of Zambrano possibly going coo-coo for CoCo Puffs in front of the home crowd.

Plus, should Z’ bring his A-game on the road, that’ll go a long way in quieting the home crowd.

Still like Lilly going in front of Zambrano too.

The crafty lefty has been hot lately; he’s (7-3) since the All Star break, (3-1) in four September starts and (3-0) in his last three outings.

Plus, Lilly’s road ERA of 3.89 is far better that his home mark of 4.50.

All that being said, the Cubs’ rotation is strong no matter who pitches in what turn, it’s the bullpen that’s the real concern.

Turns out I was right about Howry; Lou is including him on the post season roster.

Of course, I haven’t said many positive things about Howry, and I wouldn’t have him pitching in my post season pen, but it’s worth noting that Howry’s lone positive is his professionalism.

No matter the situation, the righty won’t get flustered or lose his composure on the mound.

That alone makes Howry a valuable addition, but it’s a stretch nonetheless.

Although, given another bad outing by Gaudin tonight and Howry appears to be the hotter hand, sadly enough.

You know things aren’t going well for Gaudin when he allows a go-ahead home run to the (.236 avg.) batting Rickie Weeks.

On the other hand, Edmonds’ long ball this evening is a positive, the Cubs desperately need his left-handed bat in the lineup next week.

And, it seems the veteran is warming up for post season play, he’s notched three dingers in his last eight games.

The next two games seem of little importance to Chicago, but I’d still prefer the Cubs face New York than either Philly or L.A.

And for that to be the case, the Cubs need the next two games.

Tampa Bay Rays winners of the AL East, who knew!!!

W – McClung (6-6)

L – Marshall (3-5)

  • Notes: Cubs have won 10 of 15.
  • They’re (8-6) overall vs. Milwaukee this season, (4-1) at Miller Park.
  • With Edmonds’ blasts the Cubs now have six players with 20+ HR: Soriano, Aramis, Lee, Soto, DeRosa and Jimmy.
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