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Win for the Commish?

By bullpenbrian - October 29, 2008 - 11:45 pm Leave a comment.

Bud Selig’s decision to suspend Game 5 of the World Series worked out brilliantly.

The final three innings of play – resuming 46 hours after the game began – matched the excitement baseball fans yearn to see during the post season.

And even better, most fans actually had the opportunity to see the game’s final pitch on live television, an event that’s rare for a typical World Series game.

Of course, if I’m the commish (of the more taste league?) I would’ve called Game 5 before the fifth inning and rescheduled the contest in its entirety for this evening.

But, it appears Selig’s decision to suspend the game was the right choice, and if nothing else ol’ Bud lucked out with his call to resume Game 5 from the sixth inning on.

As a result of the suspension, baseball fans were treated to a timely and dramatic finish to a World Series game, imagine that…a world series game enjoyed by sons & daughters with mom & dad, and all before 1am too!

Unfortunately, Selig and company find such a scenario bad for baseball.

Apparently, television rating are best for baseball when the East coast is sleeping, at least, that’s what ad revenue dollars tell them.

It’s sickening really, baseball basically implements video replay into the game overnight, but finishing post season games before mid-night and before Thanksgiving is out of the question?

I don’t but it.

Yes, the television ad revenue is crucial for baseball, but we’re the ones moving the turnstiles, we’re the ones purchasing season tickets and we’re the ones who deserve a chance to enjoy the World Series the night of and not the morning after.

Bud and the club owners says it’s important for baseball to appeal to America’s youth, but they sure don’t act like it.

Chances are this situation stay status quo until baseball’s fans put a stop to setting record attendance during the regular season.

Then perhaps, baseball will be forced to move its post season games into a more reasonable time slot, one where America’s youth and the rest of us might actually find it before bed time.

Geez, it sure works well for the NFL.


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