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Dempster’s Deal

By bullpenbrian at 11.19.2008 Leave a comment.

17-6 = 4-Years, $52 Million

(17-6) = 4-Years, $52 Million

Believe it or not, Ryan Dempster’s new 4-year $52 million deal with the Cubs is a bargain price for Chicago.

Seems hard to imagine but, just consider right-hander A.J. Burnett is fielding offers close to $80 million from the Yankees while posting a similar resume to Dempster’s 11-year MLB career.

That being said, I wasn’t as confident as some Cub fans that Dempster would be back in Chicago’s rotation come next spring; starting pitching, we know, is the most sought after prize in all of baseball.

However, it’s nearly unthinkable that the Cubs wouldn’t field the right offer to a guy who posted a 17-6 regular season record, including a 14-3 record at Wrigley Field.

Plus, Dempster is healthy, motivated and a much needed team leader on a club that’s post season bound again in 2009.

That’s just the kind of player any team would want, which, goes to show how fortunate the Cubs were to resign the red-head, and at a bargain rate nonetheless.

Now the Cubs need to find a way to land Jake Peavy; and I’m willing to part with Cedeno, Marshall, Pie or whoever, just to get this trade done.

Think about a rotation filled out by the likes of Zambrano, Dempster, Peavy, Lilly and Rich Harden…make it happen Jim Hendry!

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