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Abreu Not A Cub

By bullpenbrian at 12.09.2008 Leave a comment.

Outside all the Jake Peavy to Chicago trade rumors -and they’re plenty of them knuckling towards the plate- there’s another rumor surfacing about Bobby Abreu fitting into the Cubs’ outfield.

Bad idea I tell you, Abreu has no business on this club.

While the 34-year-old free agent has put together a wonderful 13-season big-league career, he’s due way too much money for the Cubs to fatten his retirement plan.

Besides, I’ve yet to give up on Fukudome’s potential and they’re still plenty of suitable outfielders for the Cubs to sign at a more affordable rate than Abreu.

Just to be clear, this isn’t an age issue with Bobby…in fact, I often believe there’s way too much made about player’s ages to begin with.

Furthermore, the Cubs are a WIN NOW team, so who cares how old the right fit is.

On the other hand, my concern is the dollars…and while Abreu’s left-handed bat and career .300 avg. would fit nicely into the Cubs’ lineup, his latest deal of $16 million with the Yanks is over budget for a contender whose priority should be finding a left-handed bat to complement the lineup without choking the team’s payroll.

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