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Why MLB F.A. Are Heading East

By bullpenbrian at 12.28.2008 Leave a comment.

CC points East towards New York

CC points East towards New York

It’s no coincidence MLB’s top tier free-agents are heading towards the East coast.

Not only do East coast teams typically have more money to spend on F.A.’s but, they have to spend in order to compete within the East Divisions.

If the Yankees don’t sign CC, A.J. and Teixeira, they’re probably finishing behind Boston, Tampa Bay and Toronto in the division.

Meanwhile, even if the Dodgers let Manny walk and stand pat with its currant roster heading into spring training, chances are they’re still competing for the division crown against its Western rivals.

And, because West coast clubs don’t have to reel in the cream of the free-agent crop to compete, they won’t spend any unnecessary money to do so.

Sure, it’s possible we’ll see another Furcal-type signing out West but, most of the big fish will swim East.

East Coast Signings:

CC Sabathia

A.J. Burnett

Mark Teixeira

Francisco Rodriguez

Raul Ibanez

Jamie Moyer

West Coast Signings:

Travis Blackley

Juan Rivera

Jody Gerut

Rob Bowen

Alan Embree

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