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The Milton Bradley Game

By bullpenbrian - January 5, 2009 - 12:45 am Leave a comment.

He learned this in chemistry?

Bradley learned this in chemistry class?

Jim Leyland says chemistry is a class in high school, not something that exists in a baseball clubhouse.

Well, I disagree…they’re people in this world I definitely get along with more than others, and the social interaction I share with them has a lot to do with it.

Sure, nothing prevents bad chemistry from surfacing better than money (or a winning record), but even in good times chemistry is a fragile thing.

And when clubs lose its Mojo, they lose their way in the standings too.

That being said, in one week the Cubs have traded one of its best chemistry guys (DeRosa) for one of the league’s worst (Milton Bradley).

There’s a reason Bradley has played for seven different teams in nine years…he’s a bad chemistry guy.

After all, why else would the Expos, Indians, Dodgers, A’s, Padres and Rangers deal a hitter with a lifetime .280 average and career .370 OBP?

Bradley is a time bomb, plain and simple. We have no idea when he’ll blow his top, we just know it’s a matter of time before he will.

So, I don’t care how high Milton’s OBP was last year (tops in the AL .436), some things (not many! ) are more important than home runs, RBIs and OBP…clubhouse chemistry is one of them.

Obviously, I’m not in favor of the signing. They’re several other F.A. outfielders who can match Milton statistically, not to mention, they’re likely far more durable than Bradley who’s played no more than 126 games in a season since 2004.

Yes, as a switch-hitter Bradley fills a need in this Cubs’ lineup, but I’m afraid he also creates a much greater need inside the Chicago clubhouse as well.


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