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Andy Pettitte as a Cub

By bullpenbrian at 01.16.2009 Leave a comment.

With the Jake Peavy deal in the rear view mirror, at least for the time being, the Cubs should go after F.A. Andy Pettitte.

Despite the fact Pettitte has hinted at retirement the past several seasons if not resigned by the Yankees, I still think an opportunity to win a championship with Chicago could lure the 37-year-old lefty back to the NL Central.

Although it seems Pettitte is often thought of as injury-prone and washed-up, it’s quite the contrary.

Beginning with the 2005 season, Andy has pitched 200+ innings, made no less than 33 starts per season and registered no less than 14 wins per year.

Not to mention, he’s been money during post season having recorded (14) wins in a whopping 35 post season starts.

Granted the Yanks kept Pettitte from retirement with back-to-back $16 million deals, it’s reasonable to think Andy would be willing to sign with Chicago for closer to what he made with the Astros: ’04 – $5.5 million, ’05 – $8.5 million.

Plus, the addition of Pettitte would allow Sean Marshall to stay in the pen as a needed left-handed specialist and he would offer the rotation security for the more unpredictable Rich Harden.


Colon won 15 games with the Sox in 2003

On the South Side, it’s an interesting decision by GM Kenny Williams to welcome back Bartolo Colon.

Since winning 21 games with the Angels in 2005, Colon’s only specialty has been fighting through nagging injuries, which, has limited the 36-year-old to a meek 34 starts combined during the past three seasons and his record in that same time frame is a sub .500 (11-15).

And while I’m always in favor of adding power arms, if for no other reason than post season play, Colon’s career mark during October is a paltry (1-3) with a 4.15 ERA in eight starts.

Sure, Colon will play with a non-guaranteed contract, but the early predictions that Colon will be the team’s fourth starter are well, just that, too early to tell.

Worse, recent history says he’ll be far from it.


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