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Soriano Says Move Me

By bullpenbrian at 02.05.2009 Leave a comment.

The Cubs have Soriano right where they want him: healthy and willing to move down in the order.

I think the two dreadful Octobers in Chicago finally convinced Soriano that his ‘clean-up style’ approach would better serve the team batting, well, clean-up.

And look, I was never against Soriano batting leadoff, he’s most comfortable there, his get plenty of at-bats and you can’t argue with the numbers he puts up.

At the same time I understand why it makes more sense to move him down in the order: his legs are getting older, he strikes out too much and his power is better served with men on base.

With Washington it took some prodding to get Fonsi to move defensively from 2B to LF, but eventually he saw the light, pushed through the fielding errors and succeeded.

The same will hold true with a move out of the No. 1 hole, might be an early struggle, but eventually the talented Soriano will settle in at clean-up…right where the Cubs need him.

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