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Dunn’s Passion For Baseball

By bullpenbrian at 02.12.2009 Leave a comment.

Adam Dunn’s passion for the game of baseball has been in question for many years.

He’s often viewed as out of shape and underdeveloped for a player who entered the league in 2001.

Yet, he’s also been voted an All Star, has averaged 40 home runs the past five seasons and most importantly, he’s averaged more than 152 games played per year through seven full seasons.

So, is Dunn passionate about his profession or not?

I think Dunn understands that he’s got it good earning a paycheck to play baseball, but his true passion for the game is still in hiding.

This better explains why the Big Donkey joined the god-awful Washington Nationals (59-102)?

Specifically, they’re two reasons: first off, the Nats paid top-dollar to get him and secondly, D.C. is a perfect sleepy market for Dunn to play his game without coming under fire to lose weight or improve defensively: comments that slowly ate away at Adam’s ego during his final months with Cincinnati.

Considering Dunn’s biggest supporter is GM Jim Bowden and that he’ll be reunited with good buddy Austin Kearns, and you find yourself one – fat, content and underdeveloped -  happy ballplayer.


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