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Trading For Brian Roberts

By bullpenbrian at 02.24.2009 Leave a comment.

Now that Brian Roberts has signed a new 4-year $40 million deal with Baltimore you can forget about a trade to the Cubs, right?


Roberts said loyalty - instilled in him by his father – pushed him towards resigning with Baltimore before testing the free-agent market.

But that loyalty is sure to fade away with any hopes that he’ll play for a winner before retiring.

The Orioles, mired in an 11-year losing streak, suffer mostly from a lack of vision and leadership in the front office.

And there are no indications this course will change in the coming seasons while playing in the league’s toughest division.

Thus, Roberts was smart to re-sign on two fronts: first, he gains a boat-load of money during a tough economy, and secondly, a lucrative no-trade clause is part of the new deal as well.

The no-trade clause is key for Roberts’ exodus from Baltimore, which, allows him to cross off a certain number of teams he’d prefer not to join via trade.

This coming year Roberts has the choice of disqualifying four teams, next year eight teams and the following season 12 teams.

So, it’s still possible the Cubs could land the 2B in a year or two – if they still wanted him and are not crossed off Roberts’ no-trade list, of course.

Should Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles fall short of expectations this year; you can bet the Cubs will come calling in 2010.

And given the recent trade history between Baltimore and Chicago, there’s reason to believe the Brian Roberts trade talk is far from closed.


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