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Marmol Chooses Closer vs. Classic

By bullpenbrian at 02.27.2009 Leave a comment.

Thank goodness the Cubs have a position battle for the closer’s role.

If this wasn’t the case Carlos Marmol is probably pitching for the D.R. in the World Baseball Classic.

Can’t think of any good that would come from Carlos turning it up a few short weeks after his Winter Ball post-season play and a mere six weeks before Opening Day.

Listen, I understand the general idea behind the Classic as an opportunity to showcase the game of baseball on a world-wide stage.

But MLB needs to realize that its star players, organizations and fans care far more about the regular season than they do about a meaningless tournament.

Take a page from the Olympics – you won’t hear me say that often – and let the rosters be composed of low-level minor leaguers and college ball players.

For most of these guys it would be the opportunity of a lifetime and they’d actually give a damn about winning the darn thing too.

And use the tournament as baseball’s version of the NFL Combine; a one-stop-shop for scouts to observe future prospects.

In fact, all the Classic is in its currant state is a version of pre-season football…meaningless games that frequently provoke disastrous injuries to franchise players.

So let the kids with less to lose a chance to earn some glory.

After all, it worked out pretty well at Lake Placid.


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