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By bullpenbrian at 02.28.2009 Leave a comment.

Not everyone believes in team chemistry, but I do.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional ballplayer or a professional salesperson…it’s inevitable you’ll get along with some co-workers better than you will with others.

That’s reality and that’s life.

The Cubs’ decision to trade high-character guy Mark DeRosa vs. the signing of bad-apple Milton Bradley is a poor one.

Anytime you favor statistics -or left-handedness in this case- over leadership you’re taking a big risk…see Terrell Owens of the National Football League.

I won’t disagree that trading DeRosa was beneficial to the Cubs on paper, but for heaven’s sake…you can’t replace a team leader like Mark with the likes of Milton Bradley and expect a sound clubhouse.

There’s no question the Cubs have the talent to win the NL Central and perhaps the pennant, but its biggest obstacle won’t be the Cardinals, Reds or Brewers; instead, it’s their right fielder.

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