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Curt Schilling As A Cub

By bullpenbrian at 03.03.2009 Leave a comment.

The Cubs should take Curt Schilling seriously about his desire to play in Chicago.

Three reasons:

  • He’s affordable without having to break the bank.
  • His confidence and determination should inspire a club that plays scared in October.
  • And the guy’s money during the post season (11-2).

Plus, read this quotation from Schilling on WEEI Radio in Jesse Sanchez’s MLB.com article:

WEEI asked Curt about possibly pitching for the Rays.

“It’s one of those situations you’d certainly have to look at,” Schilling said at the time. “Knowing that I’m probably going to spend one more year playing, if circumstances happen and things happen and they made some moves that were positive, I’d love nothing more than to finish my career working on a pitching staff where I know that there are young guys that are going to be positively impacted by me being around (after) I was gone. I enjoy that. I love working and talking and being around young pitchers.”

There are plenty of Cubs’ hurlers that would benefit from hanging around Curt: Marshall, Samardzija, etc…even Zambrano?

Of course, the Cubs don’t need Schilling to round out the rotation so why not let the guy make his comeback mid-season, gear up for the stretch-run in September and go full-bore come October?

You know Harden will need time off, Z’s shoulder is a question mark and who knows what else this staff will encounter out of the blue?

Just ask yourself this: why shouldn’t the Cubs sign Schilling???

Yeah, he’s old, yes, he’ll chew up some innings from guys like Heilman and Marshall and yes, he can spout off to the media from time-to-time.

I say, so what…if it’s all about winning a championship -and let’s all agree that’s the only option for the Cubs- you can’t pass up taking a look at Schilling.

The guy’s a winner, especially when it matter most and the pros far out weight the cons.

For goodness sake, he helped end Boston’s try spell pitching on one leg…seriously, give the guy a look.

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