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Trade Deadline Deals

By bullpenbrian at 03.05.2009 Leave a comment.

Yesterday’s NHL trade deadline had me thinking about what the Cubs’ options might be come July 31.

But unless they’re major injures to overcome, I wouldn’t expect Chicago to be overly aggressive during July given the all-around talent of this club on Opening Day.

Yet, should Hendry find himself in need, he’ll once again be reevaluating which of his players are available and who carries the most trade value.

As of today I think Fukudome tops the list.

If the sophomore import fails to improve at the plate he’s bound to quickly lose playing time under Lou, which opens the door wide for takers still interested in Kosuke’s Japanese resume.

Of course, the most difficult hurdle with Fukudome is his contract that pays him $13 million in 2010 and $13.5 in the deal’s final year.

The plus side, however, is Kosuke’s solid defense and left-handedness at the dish, but most importantly is the selling point: a change of scenery from the pressure cooker in Lakeview.

The Cubs’ No. 2 chip is Sean Marshall.

Not only is he showing potential to be a middle of the rotation starter, but he also has the experience pitching out of the pen.

And the simple fact that he’s a southpaw will draw interest from other clubs if for no other reason.

Trailing Marshall, the talent side of the equation falls drastically as far as everyday-type players.

Here we’re looking at guys like Reed Johnson, Fontenot, Theriot, and Joey Gathright; none of whom would bring back much in return.

However, I think more clubs will take a liking to a few of the Cubs’ role-players like Hoffpauir, Koyie Hill and Josh Vitters; younger guys with high upside and more reasonable contracts.

Of course, any successful GM like Hendry will always entertain trade options for star players the likes of Soriano, but Chicago’s recent trend of back loading deals pretty much ties Hendry’s hands at the trading post.

And to top it off,  Soriano, Lee and Aramis all have no-trade clauses.

Obviously, I’m way ahead of schedule here, but like I said earlier…yesterday’s Hawks trade -James Wisniewski for Anaheim’s Samuel Pahlsson- got me thinking about possible Cubs dealings come July 31st…???

Your thoughts?

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