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Marmol’s Bruised Ego

By bullpenbrian at 03.11.2009 Leave a comment.

Thankfully Carlos Marmol will return from the Classic in full physical health, which was a concern of mine when the Cubs’ best reliever opted to pitch for his native D.R.

However, his mental game is undoubtedly in question after blowing a 1-run lead against the Netherlands in what completed the Classic’s biggest upset to date.

So I ask you this: which would you rather have of Marmol, a sore elbow or a bruised ego?

Ninety percent of life is how you respond, to both favor and disappointment, thus leaving Marmol under the microscope for the remainder of Spring Training.

Obviously, yesterday was only one game, one appearance that went wrong…and understand that no closer is perfect.

But this was the big stage Marmol left the Cubs’ camp for, the chance to shine in the Classic and to show baseball he’s one of the game’s premier closers.

Instead, his outing Tuesday night only seemed to reinforce that Carlos is a premier set-up man and not a premier closer.

And in my mind, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Besides, Chicago has a closer, and a proven closer at that, named Kevin Gregg.

And in front of every good closer is a good set-up man…a role Marmol is perfect for.

I think Lou understands this, and if Marmol only would, his ego will heal in no time.

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