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MLB Opening Day Schedule

By bullpenbrian at 03.12.2009 1 comment.


It appears MLB has finally made a season opening schedule that makes sense, at least weather wise.

Of the 14 opening series 10 are being held in reasonable, if not ideal, weather locations.

Seriously baseball, stop scheduling lid-lifters in Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago and anywhere else that isn’t south of St. Louis.

Nothing kills the celebration of Opening Day like a snowstorm.

And for goodness sake, all the clubs are training in warmer weather markets to begin with, so why not lessen the travel and reserve Opening Day for the sunbelt cities every year?

And if scheduling conflicts force a northern opening head to the covered fields in Seattle, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Toronto.

Here’s a closer look at the both the good and bad moves of the season’s opening schedule.

Stupid Moves

  • ATL at PHL: Sorry, the Sunday night game gets a F for scheduling. We can do better than Philly in April.
  • K.C. at CHW: This has been the problem.
  • T.B. at BOS: Sox fans would show up in a blizzard, so why question them?
  • NYY at BAL: This is a stretch, even though O’s fans haven’t a single reason to show up anyway.

Smart Moves

  • NYM at CIN: The Reds are the exception to the rule. Until recently, Cincinnati held the distinction of hosting the first game of the regular season. However, this changed a few years back with baseball’s decision to begin the season overseas -another scheduling flop- and has pushed the Reds tradition to being the first team to kick-off on Opening Day. Either way, it’s a tradition worth honoring, weather withstanding.
  • CLE at TEX: There’s no reason the Rangers shouldn’t open the season at home every year, period.
  • COL at ARZ: Why not? Both clubs are already present for Spring Training.
  • WAS at FLA: See above.
  • PIT at STL: I’ve been generous with this one although, it’s certainly borderline; might be freezing, might be ideal too.
  • CHC at HOU: Thank heavens we won’t be sitting through another Opening Day hail storm.
  • L.A. at S.D.: A good fit for either club, but I’d rather see this series spit with each club opening a series at its home yard.
  • DET at TOR: Any opener under a roof is good for Opening Day.
  • SEA at MIN: See above.
  • OAK at ANH: Again, SoCal just makes sense.
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1 Comment

  1. Pickle says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Nothing beats a baseball game in warm spring weather. Except maybe the Opening Day Parade in Cincinnati, where I plan to be this year.

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