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Dempster Is the No.1

By bullpenbrian at 03.13.2009 2 comments.


Lou names Zambrano the Opening Day starter and it’s a non-story.

But if Lou tabs Dempster as the No.1 it’s a huge story.


Zambrano’s mental game is chaos at times. Lou knows Z’s pride could throw him into a hissy-fit for the next month…bad karma in the clubhouse sort of thing.

And if this wasn’t the issue Lou puts his best pitcher, Dempster, on the mound in the season opener.

Better still, Lilly is the No.2, then comes Zambrano and finally Harden.

Starting Opening Day is an honor for any pitcher, but remember, it’s also an honor earned.

Big Z has made four in-a-row: he’s (0-4).

Last year Dempster was money from the opening bell and without question, was also the most reliable arm on the staff.

It’s not that I’m rooting against Big Z, I like the guy, it’s just that I think he needs a mental butt-kicking.

Sitting out Opening Day would’ve done the trick.

Sure, Z would get mad about it, but maybe such a move fires him up to the point where he gets rededicated mentally?

Of course, that’s a stretch with Carlos, a pitcher in his ninth season who’s yet to learn a measurable amount of self discipline on the mound.

Savor the flavor Z, this could be your last Opening Day start with the Cubs.

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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    Nice work.

    Zambrano does need a little mental stroking, and I’m okay with that as long as he plays more like the first half pitcher of 2008 than the second half.

    Plus, Dempster still has to prove that he can do it in ’09 like he did in ’08 before he takes over as the “#1″.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    Rex, what else does Dempster have to do to prove he’s a No.1?

    The guy won (17) games last year with an ERA less than (3).

    He was arguably the best arm on the staff all season.

    So why wouldn’t he do it again this year???

    Cubs fans, including myself, questioned Demp’s durability all last season…would his arm hold up, would too many innings ruin him, how would he fair in the season’s second half???

    He passed every test, exceeded most of our expectations and showed that he can be a legit No.1.

    But what I appreciate most about Dempster is his dedication to staying physically fit.

    Spring Training ’08 the right-hander showed up in tip-top shape, which undoubtedly helped him make (33) starts.

    And they’re no indications this spring that he’s lost anything physically.

    Maybe I’m in the minority on this, but I don’t know what else Dempster needs to prove.

    This is his 12th season; he’s successfully converted from starter-to-closer back to starter, pitched more than 200 innings four times and has been a 14, 15 & 17 game winner.

    As always, thanks for checking out the article and for having an opinion too!

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