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Mark Prior’s Return

By bullpenbrian at 03.14.2009 1 comment.

I think Mark Prior makes a return to the bump with SD this year.

His situation is ideal for it: he’s under no pressure, has plenty of money and is far removed from Chicago.

Of course, I’m not saying it will be a successful return, but I’m still pulling for the guy.

If by some medical miracle he stays healthy, there’s still enough time for him to make a career of it. After all, he’s just 28-years-old.

The question is, can Prior reinvent himself from thrower to pitcher?

Certainly, it’s been done before, but often with little success, and Prior hasn’t sniffed success  in six long years.

Many Cubs fans think Prior is a wimp, others blame Dusty for his troubles, but I think the guy is simply unlucky.

The Padres square off against the Cubs nine times this season, six at Petco and three at Wrigley.

I have the feeling Prior gets a start against his old mates in one of those games, or at least, I sure hope so.

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  1. Debra Congram says:

    Those “many Cubs fans” are right. Mark Prior is a wimp, his father’s pampered son, afraid of pain and unwilling to take risks. You’re a good-hearted soul to wish him well, but you’re wasting your good nature worrying about this guy. Besides, Prior already spends way too much time worrying about himself.

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