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By bullpenbrian at 03.17.2009 Leave a comment.

Some sweet sounding chin music from Bob  Howry

Some sweet sounding chin music from Bob Howry

There’s a place in sports for a little showboating now and then.

A fancy strut after a game-winning HR, some celebratory fist pumps after closing out a tough ninth inning…I’ve got no problem with that.

The catch is, knowing the appropriate time for such behavior.

One thing I appreciate about baseball is its unobstructed path to player retaliations.

Hot dog-it at the wrong time and you’ll take one in the ear-hole during your next at-bat.

Or in the case of Netherland’s third baseman Bryan Engelhardt, who playfully stood watching his home run with his team trailing the US 8-1…the following batter, Vince Rooi, gets his tower buzzed.

We don’t see this form of real-deal consequence as often, if ever, in the other big sports, and that’s too bad.

Imagine just how many ridiculous NFL TD celebrations we’d be spared from witnessing if linebackers had free shots at the Ocho-Cincos of the world?

And despite the Netherlands’ posturing of an on-field brawl after Lindstrom’s tough message pitch, the right-hander had every right to serve up some humble Dutch pie.

As the old saying goes, if you’re gonna talk-the-talk, then you’d better walk-the-walk.

My hope is that Engelhardt just learned his lesson, and if not, it won’t be long before another pitcher reminds him.

Who are you, Karim Garcia?

Who are you, Karim Garcia?

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