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Trading Hoffpauir

By bullpenbrian at 03.24.2009 2 comments.

With the spring Micah Hoffpauir has put together at the plate it’s time for Hendry to put this guy on the trade block.

If anything, should the Jake Peavy trade talks return I think Hoffpauir is a nice addition to any package the Cubs can offer S.D.

Yes, the Padres have Adrian Gonzalez at 1B, but the Friars are also desperate for any talent to strengthen its thin bench.

Obviously, at 29-years-old Hoffpauir is not the prototypical prospect, but the guy can hit and his stock appears higher than ever.

And although I believe Hoffpauir is on the cusp of a breakout campaign, based largely on his tremendous spring at the dish, I just don’t see where he fits on the Cubs roster.

Derrek Lee is a gamer at first who Lou can count on for 150+ games and Micah’s outfield defense doesn’t compare with that of Johnson or Gathright.

Perhaps, with Lee dealing with a sore right quad, Hoffpauir may find himself with an opportunity to showcase his talents early in the season.

But even if the guy performs as well as he’s done in March we know Lou goes back to D. Lee when healthy.

Plus, it’s very unlikely that Lee would be traded, not to mention, there’s still another full season left on his contract running through 2010.

On the other hand, Hoffpauir is on a 1-year deal and probably walks after this season if he’s limited to a bench role or another assignment a Triple-A Iowa.

Of course, I’d love to see Hoffpauir stick around in Chicago, but I’d rather see the Cubs get something for him while they still can, especially if it means landing Peavy.

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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    Interesting. I just did a post on the Cubs spring thus far and in it pointed out that Hoffpauir has a value to the Cubs as a backup to not only Lee, but Bradley as well. He could even play in place of Soriano if needed.

    I like the idea, and I think he would fit in the AL as a DH as well. Plus, Jake Fox is having a nice spring and he could be a fill in for Lee at 1B if needed.

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