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Chilly Willy

By bullpenbrian at 04.01.2009 Leave a comment.

Willy Mo Pena is the definition of a five o’clock hitter.

Two hours before the game the guy smashes baseballs to the moon, but come that first pitch, it’s a if he’s holding a toothpick in the box.

In seven seasons he’s a career .253 hitter with 77 home runs.

Not bad considering he’s never played more than 110 games in a single season.

Problem is, Willy Mo isn’t a situational hitter and his outfield defense is atrocious.

Yet, his 6’3 frame and 215 lbs of muscle have kept scouts celebrating his potential as a legit power-threat for nearly a decade.

But the Nationals finally had enough of Chilly Willy’s potential cutting the 27-year-old earlier this week.

I’ve always been skeptical of Pena’s physique with his power numbers tailing off along side MLB’s strengthened drug testing policy.

Coincidence? Perhaps???

Pena debut with the Reds in 2002 as a 20-year-old kid, two years later he crushed 26 home runs and drove in 66 RBIs.

As of today, he’s hit 26 HRs in the last three years despite coming into his prime years as a ballplayer.

Seems fishy to me…???

No question he’ll find work somewhere before Opening Day.

And if Pena is smart he’ll stick to a DH role in the AL while learning some common ground between swinging for the fences and actually learning to hit…especially after five o’clock.


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