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Humble Predictions

By bullpenbrian at 04.06.2009 3 comments.

What’s right, what’s wrong? Respond.

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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    I take no issue with your predictions. I think the D’backs could pull off the West though.

  2. WIK says:

    Reds will finish ahead of the Brewers. In fact, I don’t think the Brewers make it out of 5th. Have you seen that starting rotation?

    Indians won’t take the AL central. Seriously, Carl Pavano is there number 3. Twins won’t finish last either, probably the Tigers there.

  3. bullpenbrian says:

    WIK, the Reds could certainly make a push in the NL Central, but they’re a team that I’m going to have to see it first to believe it.

    Cincy is so young, lots of strikeouts, bad defense. If that changes from last year they’re a contender.

    You could also be spot-on about the Brewers, the starting pitching is suspect and the bullpen not much better.

    However, I think Milwaukee’s lineup scores enough runs to keep them in the middle of the division.

    The Tribe under achieved last season. Plus, I like the offseason additions of Wood and DeRosa. Sure, the pitching rotation isn’t spectacular, but its good enough in the ‘up for grabs’ AL Central.

    Minnesota is a stretch…you won’t find many predictions, or any for that matter, picking the Twins last.

    The loss of Mauer Power is huge. Liriano has to stay healthy. And if the Twins flinch at the economy I could see the club dealing some regulars for prospects, even if it means dropping out of the division race this season.

    Of course, they’re also solid enough to win the division. It’s a strange pick, I know.

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