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Scheduling Stupidity

By bullpenbrian at 04.06.2009 1 comment.

Opening Day on Chicago’s South Sides is already PPD. Remarkable. I’ve talked about it before…there’s an inch of snow on the ground here. Why are the Sox scheduled to begin the season at home???

This doesn’t make sense, and it never will. I’m not asking baseball to control the weather, but for heaven’s sake, at least acknowledge that it’s still winter in places like Chicago.

Would Sox fans be upset if the team always opened on the road? Doubt it. Just ask those who’ve lost a day on the job and dropped money on a game they won’t have the luxury of attending. If the Sox open on the road and then face unplayable winter weather 7-10 days later you can’t fault MLB, but this is ridiculous, AGAIN!


Carlos Zambrano speaks to my post from Friday. We know Wrigley Field is a terrific place for baseball, but the player amenities stink.

Of course Z is jealous of the Yankees’ new digs. Doesn’t mean Wrigley needs to be replaced, but a major renovation project is a must – and soon.

And if you don’t think the Cubs lose out of free agents because of the park, you’re nuts. Lots of day games and cramped space is fun for fans, not the players.

Anyway, thank goodness the Cubs open in Houston instead of a snow covered Wrigley. Where was this weather during the Winter Classic?

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  1. Tyler P. says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that roof-less stadiums up north shouldn’t get early home games. I’m just wondering why the Twins decided to build an open stadium. I’ve been to a couple mid-April games in KC that were in the 30s even.

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