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Brewers Post CC

By bullpenbrian at 04.10.2009 1 comment.

CC and Sheets leave Milwaukee and most fans thinks the Brewers can’t contend in the Central without them.

Thing is, the Brewers were contenders long before CC arrived… and don’t forget that Sheets’ long history of ailments didn’t exactly make him a hinge-pin in the Brewers’ success.

No question the two hurlers will be missed. And, let’s be honest here…they’re very few, if any, pitchers who can duplicate Sabathia’s second half from ’08.

But the Brew Crew won’t roll over and play dead, nor should they.

What’s left of the starting staff is decent. Hoffman eventually shores up the closer’s role.

Middle relief is an issue, but the youthful lineup is so talented they’ll easily score enough runs to cover the shortcomings in the pen.

Also, remember Milwaukee was willing to splurge financially in order to keep Sabathia.

Now, that money is still in the bank. And who knows, if they’re in the race come July maybe Milwaukee goes for another home run type trade!

Still, it’s interesting that in season’s pasts we’ve discussed the Brewers targeting 2009 as their year to break out. Not that I don’t give major props to the front office for going for it last season.

Yet, I keep hearing Brew Crew fans say they won’t contend this season.

Rubbish, people.

No doubt CC going every three days ruined the coming-out party a bit early, but the Brewers still have a shot at nabbing a second serving of post-season cake from the break room.

And even without Sabathia and Sheets, the Brewers can have their cake and eat it too.

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1 Comment

  1. threio says:

    I agree, the cards will not be as strong as ppl think. By june their starting pitching wil be deleted by injuries as usual. what the cubs do is another matter.

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