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By bullpenbrian at 04.21.2009 Leave a comment.

Chicago staying with the all blue caps on the road is a good look. Funny thing is, I never particularly liked the red-brimmed road caps until last season…they actually started growing on me.

Cubs say sticking with one cap makes it easier on the equipment managers. Bullpen Brian say$ the tough economy call$ for cut$…good bye road cap$!!!

Side note: when are the Mets going to ditch the use of black on its caps and jerseys? It’s a terrible look, especially the two-toned batting helmets. The whole attire is better left buried with Shea.

The Reds are getting lots of press as one of this season’s IT teams, but they’re not there yet.

The core of young talents both in the lineup and on the mound may bring about its first winning season in eight years, but the Reds are a few pieces away from talking about Central Division titles.

Interestingly, in one off season the Reds turned a 180 going from hitter-heavy and no pitching to pitcher-loaded and little offense. However, the saving grace is the bullpen…it’s one of the best in the N.L.

Cincinnati was (3-6) last season at Wrigley. This year they’re a better team.

And while the St. Louis series was all about the Cub hitters attacking the Cards’ bullpen, winning against Cincy comes down to Chicago’s starting pitching: Harden, Lilly and Zambrano.

The Columbus Dispatch has a nice piece about the Cubs all-time wins leader, Charley Root. As far as I know, the Cubs have yet to honor Root with a flag atop Wrigley Field.

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