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Lou Has Leverage

By bullpenbrian at 04.25.2009 Leave a comment.


We know the Cubs’ offense is better than this. But the lack of clutch hitting has cost the Cubs three straight wins and wasted some very good starting pitching as well.

Lou has all the leverage for retooling the lineup, even more so with the Cubs going 1-for-10 with RISP Friday night.

I like Fonsi batting third. Would have liked to see him start the season there, but you can’t argue with his performance at the leadoff spot thus far.

Perhaps, the best part is Soriano doesn’t need to change his approach…he bats like a clean-up hitter from the leadoff spot anyway. And, if he stays there the guy could put up some huge numbers.

Of course, Cubs fans already know this and have pleaded for such a move since Soriano’s arrival. Now it’s done. What’s left to say if it doesn’t work???

Aramis has been the Cubs best hitter all season and there’s no replacing his bat. We can only hope the calf injury is minor.

Dempster has yet to have his best stuff on the mound. But, the guy battles and keeps his team close. And, that’s what you want from your top-end starters.

After the game Soto takes responsibility for not throwing out Pujols in the eighth. Cubs knew Albert was likely to run and still failed to gun him down. Albert eventually scores the game-winning run.

Theriot has to knock down Ludwick’s single to score Pujols…officially, it’s not an error, but it’s all the same in the end.

You would think more players would choke-up with two strikes like Reed Johnson. He’s mastered the Texas leaguer when behind in the count. It’s not always a pretty hit, but he gets on base. I love it!

Rick Ankiel looks like a creep with the mustache. And the shrub on Ryan Franklin’s chin isn’t much better. Together they make Reed look well groomed.

  • Notes: Cubs (8-7) 4th Place
  • W:McClellan (1-0) L: Marmol (0-1) S: Franklin (5)
  • Aramis’ double extends his hitting streak to 7-games.
  • Soriano has an 11-game string.
  • This is Dempster’s first start without allowing a home run.
  • St. Louis had nine different pitchers save games last season.

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