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By bullpenbrian at 05.06.2009 Leave a comment.


Tim Lincecum is now (23-1) when he gets three or more runs of support. Marshall gave him that in the first inning — game over.

Not to mention, the Giants are (11-0) when scoring first. Nothing Marshall could do after the first to change that mark either.

Can’t fault the Cub hitters. Lincecum was on his game. All told, 113 pitches, 70-percent going for strikes.

You can’t play from behind and expect to win against this guy…at least not when he’s living up to his reputation on the bump like Tuesday afternoon.

Special day for Bobby Scales. Thrilled to see him in the starting lineup. And, he played well on both sides of the ball.

If Bobby never sees another major league at-bat, which seems unlikely, at least he can hang his hat on getting a hit off the reigning Cy Young Award winner — a single down the left field line in the fifth.

Hats off to the Cubs fan who tossed Scales’ first hit back into the dugout. Makes Chicago fans look smart, which they are. Tampa fans should take note.

Lou gives Theriot his first breather of the season. I’m a big believer in rest. Bullpen guys, starters, doesn’t matter…the more rest the better.

Plus, the past two seasons it’s appeared Theriot has struggled with fatigue come September. More rest and he should be strong down the stretch.

Also, Theriot says the credit for his recent power surge belongs to his former hitting coach at Triple-A Iowa, Von Joshua.

I like that kind of acknowledgement from players. It never hurts to remember where you came from, and who helped get you to the top.

Samardzija has one pitch he can throw for strikes — the fastball. That’s been good for an 8.10 ERA. At the moment, he’s not the solution the Cubs though he would be for an unsettled pen.

Another poor outing and I think Hendry sends him back down to Iowa. If that’s the case, let’s hope the Cubs keep him there until he’s ready to start for the big club.

Who’s missing Chad Gaudin? Two starts for the Padres: (0-1), 10 innings pitches, 11 hits, seven walks vs. 10 strikeouts and a 5.06 ERA.

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