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Rainout Recharges Cubs’ Batteries

By bullpenbrian at 05.16.2009 Leave a comment.


I’m a big believer in rest. Recharging the batteries is a good thing. Players, coaches, and even us peons all benefit from a well deserved off day!

Sure, rainouts stink for both the players and fans, and especially considering the Cubs are riding a season-high four-game winning streak.

But with the club scheduled to play 29 games in 31 days, Friday’s washout is a blessing in disguise.

Obviously, the extra off day helps players heal those nagging injuries, not to mention, gives the bullpen a breather. But, the real benefit is the mental rest.

Arguably, the grey stuff upstairs is more important in baseball than actual skill. Tired brain equals tired batting average.

I’ve also been interested in the Cubs’ character as a team since Aramis crumbled to the ground at third in Milwaukee and Zambrano pulled up lame with a sore left hammy.

So far, the results are wonderful!

And overall this season, given the many injuries, bullpen woes, and batting slumps, the Cubs are doing just fine.

In fact, their (20-14) mark through 34 games is one game better than at this point a year ago–a 97-win season, mind you.

No question, they are still holes to be filled, mainly the bullpen. And, the injuries undoubtedly played a key role in the club’s slow start in April.

Thus far, however, the pros outweigh the cons.

Firstly, the starting staff has been terrific. Only the rival Reds (19) have more wins from its starters than Chicago’s (16), which is still good for second most in the majors along side Toronto.

Plus, Bradley has a seven-game hitting streak, Soriano is second in the NL in runs scored (30), Fukudome is swinging at a .340 clip, and Carlos Marmol is back to his old self leading the majors in holds (10).

It’s easy to get discouraged knowing the Cubs have yet to truly gel as a team. But, when they finally do, this club is headed towards a third consecutive division title.

And, the more rest along the way, the better their chances!

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