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Ricketts Buys Cubs, Peavy Next?

By bullpenbrian at 05.19.2009 Leave a comment.


It’s taking three banks to help Tom Ricketts finance his purchase of the Cubs.

Think about that for a second. Not one, not two, but three banks. That’s some kind of coin.

The Cubs’ price tag is $900 million. Ricketts needs $450 million to close the deal–that’s where the three banks come in.

What can’t you buy for $450 million? Seriously.

Here’s a better question. What can the Cubs afford to buy at the trade deadline?

Word is, if the deal stays to schedule it will be completed during July. If all holds true, Ricketts becomes the Cubs’ new owner and top dog before the non-waiver trade deadline.

Although, at this point financially, will Ricketts have deep enough pockets to pull the trigger on a blockbuster deal? Perhaps, one that’s bound to cost him millions of dollars more in addition to his recent purchase? Who knows?

What we do know is the Cubs will be contending. And, adding the right pieces at the end of July can mean the difference in Chicago winning its third straight division title and actually winning the whole darn thing.

For certain, the bullpen needs reinforcements and, in the next few months another roster leak is bound to spring up as well.

Ricketts is a huge Cubs fan. My gut says he’ll want to make a big splash early. The trade deadline is the perfect stage for him to do so.

Jake Peavy and his overpriced 3-year $52 million contract will be at the top of the trade list. I say, what’s a few million more come July–pocket change in Ricketts’ world.

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