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Hoffpauir, Freel To Start

By bullpenbrian - May 21, 2009 - 1:34 am Leave a comment.


The Cubs barely made Chris Carpenter work. A sad approach against a guy making his first start in a month.

With Carpenter’s pitch count hovering somewhere around 70-75, Chicago let the Cardinals ace off the hook with 67 pitches in five strong innings.

A big part in defeating a dominate pitcher is working the count. But, the Cubs have simply been too aggressive at the plate lately.

Chicago should have forced Carpenter out earlier by making him throw more pitches. After all, the Cards bullpen is its biggest weakness.

It’s time forĀ  Soriano got hot again! He’s the lone guy in the lineup capable of carrying the team with the vast majority of the order struggling.

And if hitting is contagious, Alfonso is the right player to spread the hit-bug around the Cubs clubhouse.


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