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Cardinals Easily Sweep Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 05.22.2009 2 comments.


What a terrible series for Chicago.

The Cubs matched its two runs scored with two errors, wasted two more quality starts, and fell two games behind St. Louis in the Central.

Obviously, the lack of hitting is killing the Cubs. Hoffpauir needs to be in the lineup and Fontenot needs to sit out a few games too.

Play Reed Johnson, play Koyie Hill, and play anyone who isn’t oh-for-the-week!

Moving Soriano to second base is not the answer.  As long as Alfonso is healthy you leave him alone in left.

Marshall is a fine pitcher, just not a starter. I’ve been saying it all season–put Sean in the pen.

Five innings is all you get with the number of breaking balls Marshall flips towards the plate. And, with lefties hitting below .200 against him he best serves the team in relief.

Pujols homers in the first and it felt like the Cubs were down 10 runs–Marshall probably felt the same way.

Freel air mails a throw to first–it allows the eventual game-winning run to score. The Cubs are (2-12) when committing an error.

Hoffpauir, Miles, and Scales is scary defensively, but they’re the best shot the Cubs have at scoring some runs. Stay the course with the regulars and this turns into a five-game losing streak.

Aramis is still a month, if not longer, away from returning. How much longer will Lou wait to shake things up?

It’s wonderful Zambrano returns to the mound Friday night. What’s more, he’ll also be the best hitter in the lineup! Love me some Big Z!

  • Cubs (21-18) are in third place.
  • W: Wainwright (4-2) L: Marshall (2-3) S: Franklin (11)
  • Wainwright is (2-0) in three start against Chicago this season.
  • Soriano, Theriot, Bradley, and Fontenot each managed one hit apiece in the series.
  • Cardinals are (17-16) vs. the Cubs in the new Busch Stadium.


  1. westrpw says:

    I agree. I’m also a big advocate of putting Soriano at the #4 spot while Ramirez is out. I’d put my lineup as:
    Theriot, Fukudome, Lee, Soriano, Bradley, Soto, Fontenot, Miles.

    I’ve also heard rumors of Soriano playing 2B and moving Hoffpauier to LF.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      I think Sori has earned the leadoff spot. He feels most comfortable there and I’ve learned to accept the good with the bad from Alfonso as the No. 1.

      Don’t like the idea of Alfonso moving to second base at all. It’s normal to feel frustrated with the lack of hitting, but it’s no excuse to make sweeping changes on defense. Catching the ball is even more important when you’re not scoring–and changing Soriano’s position doesn’t help defensively.

      The top priority is getting Hoffpauir some at-bats. Lee has been coming around slowly, but I think his neck is still bothering him. Rest Derek and play Micah.

      Doesn’t mean you ideas wouldn’t work. Heck, at this point, anything is better than what we’ve seen in the last three games. Whatever the moves, something needs to change to get this club scoring runs!

      Thanks for checking out the article and sharing some opinions. As I like to say, it’s more fun that way!

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