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Mt. Sweet Lou Explodes!

By bullpenbrian at 05.23.2009 Leave a comment.

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It’s time for Mt. Sweet Lou to erupt.

I’m talking classic blowup–kick some dirt, toss the cap, and throw first base for good measure.

The Cubs need a kick in the rear reminding them they’re indeed the best team in the NL Central.

Nothing else seems to be working. Getting too cute with the lineup and the defense isn’t the answer in the long term, either–there’s still four months of baseball left to play.

If Lou goes wild maybe the Cubs respond with some runs. It worked nearly two years ago when Piniella went berserk on third base umpire Mark Wegner–the Cubs won five of their next six games.

Hoffpauir and Hill combined to go 1-for-8, including six strikeouts and nine men left on base. Lee again failed to come through in the clutch–leaving the bags loaded in the ninth. Two more fielding errors and 16 total strikeouts for the game. U-G-L-Y.

Heilman get’s Brian Giles 0-2 in the count before throwing a changeup down the middle of the plate.  Giles singles and the Padres lead 3-0. That’s awful.

Did I miss something or did Harden’s back injury appear out of the blue? You’re never surprised when this guy lands on the DL, but what’s the answer to keeping him healthy?

Big Z was alright in his return, which is to be expected after missing nearly three weeks. Even though Zambrano lasted less than six innings he still kept Chicago in the game.

Lou isn’t showing his frustrations on the outside, but internally you know he’s reaching a boiling point. Popping his top may be the best way to get the Cubs playing like division champs.

If I were Lou, I’d paint the town blue Saturday night.

  • Cubs (21-19) are in fourth place.
  • W: Peavy (4-5) L: Zambrano (3-2) S: Bell (12)
  • Chicago has lost a season high five straight.
  • Last year the Cubs avoided losing no more than four in a row until the 82nd game of the season.
  • Lee is batting .173 on the road.
  • Zambrano is sitting on 99 career wins.

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