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Big Z’s Big Meltdown

By bullpenbrian at 05.28.2009 2 comments.


Let’s be honest here, Carlos Zambrano and home plate umpire Mark Carlson are both at fault.

No question Carlson walked into Z initiating contact. He clearly wanted Zambrano tossed from the game and knew a quick brush up would set the stage for an ejection.

However, Carlos’ childish fit-throwing isn’t excusable either.

I’m not a Zambrano apologist. His outbursts are ridiculous, and getting tiresome.

There’s no reason Z can’t play with emotion and act as a professional when hundreds of players around him do it daily.

It’s time for someone in the Cubs organization to grab Zambrano around the collar to get the message across–GROW UP!

Obviously, Reed Johnson’s game-winning home run was huge. The Zambrano blowup reaches a whole new level had the Cubs lost.

Love watching Reed play center field too. That’s a fantastic grab in the seventh up against the outfield ivy!

The callups of Andres Blanco, Jason Waddell, and Jake Fox are crucial. The Cubs need some fresh faces and a shot in the arm.

Blanco’s ability to play shortstop is key while Theriot could use some time off. Waddell can’t be any worse than Neal Cotts, and Jake Fox just needs to be in the lineup–anywhere!

Freel and Miles are both headed to the DL. Sadly, I don’t think either will be missed. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Miles is DFA after 15 days. Plus, I like seeing Bobby Scales get a second life with the big club.

Good measuring stick series against the Dodgers who are (18-7) this month. A series win gives the Cubs an added confidence boost heading into June. Although, I’ll be happy with a split of the four-game set.

  • Cubs (23-22) are in fourth place.
  • W: Marmol (1-1) L: Chavez (0-2) S: Gregg (7)
  • Chicago is (13-11) in May.
  • They started the month (11-3).
  • As a team the Cubs are hitting .263 at home vs. .234 on the road.
  • Zambrano is still sitting at 99 career wins.
  • Cubs have scored four or more runs in all 23 victories.


  1. chrisutd07 says:

    i’m sick of ppl hating on the big z, and i wrote an article about it here:


    (any visits/comments would be appreciated as we just started out)


    • bullpenbrian says:

      I agree Big Z is super talented.

      In fact, I think Carlos is so talented he should be criticized more for his lack of professionalism.

      There’s no reason Zambrano shouldn’t win more than 20 games a year. And, we can agree that he’s that good.

      But, as Steve Stone has pointed out, Zambrano is one of the lazier Cubs players, and his lack of mental stability keeps him from achieving his potential.

      I side with Stone’s views.

      Remember, just because Z is passionate about the game doesn’t mean it’s OK to act a fool on the field.

      And let’s not pretend Zambrano is the only major leaguer who’s passionate about winning and losing.

      MLB ballplayers are paid professionals…they should act like it (most do), Z included.

      The latest ejection with Z throwing the baseball into left field and tossing the umpire is bush league…there’s no sugar coating the matter.

      If this was tolerable behavior Zambrano wouldn’t have apologized, either.

      Yet unfortunately, this is just one example from Carlos’ past performances.

      You’re naive to think these antics don’t stem from a lack of maturity. They most certainly do.

      It’s time to stop apologizing for Zambrano. Instead, hold the guy a accountable for his sophomoric actions.

      If anything, the Cubs are paying Z big-time money to be the staff’s Ace, and to this point he hasn’t performed or carried himself like one in my opinion.

      Despite his numbers being good, even outstanding at times, Zambrano could, and should be a better player.

      When you’re paying a guy top-dollar there’s nothing wrong with asking more of him.

      At the very least, Zambrano can tone down the antics and begin channeling his passion into more wins.

      After all, that’s what the Cubs are paying him for…not his hitting and not his on field circus acts.

      I appreciate that you come strong in this article, make some good points and stand up for a guy you feel is being wronged.

      Doesn’t mean we have to agree, but I respect your opinions. Look forward to reading more of your posts!

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