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Dodgers Playing Like ’08 Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 05.29.2009 2 comments.

Los Angelescubs

Joe Torre running Ramon Troncoso back out for the ninth inning was a thoughtful gift. How rude of the Cubs not to accept it.

A simple base hit from Scales or Fox in the ninth gives the Cubs a three-game winning streak and a confidence boost against the best record in baseball.

Instead, it feels like here we go again with the lack of offense.

Speaking of which, there were plenty of opportunities to win the game before the final frame, but the Cubs go 0-8 with RISP and ground into four double plays. Gee whiz.

Seriously, it’s up to Soriano or Bradley to start carrying the offense. They’re the two guys who change the entire look of the lineup when they’re hot. You can’t expect that from anyone else in the order...at least until Aramis returns.

I’m a big Bobby Scales fan who can’t help but to love his rags to riches story. The pinch-hit home run was thrilling. It’s only topped if Scales notches the game-winning hit in the ninth.

Andres Blanco has been stellar with the glove. I think he’ll replace Aaron Miles’ roster spot for good with his ability to play both infield positions up the middle.

I’d keep Jake Fox in the lineup at third and give this guy as many at-bats as possible.

In four starts Randy Wells has a 1.80 ERA, yet, his record is (0-2)–a prime illustration of the Cubs’ offensive woes.

Basically, if the Cubs would ever give this guy some run support they’d have a win every fifth day. What more can you ask from this kid?

Lou’s worst move in the NLDS last year was choosing not to throw Lilly–playing Fukudome coming in a close second.

Teddy needs to be a stopper Friday afternoon. Let’s hang our hat on the fact he’s been the best starter all year. But again, you can’t expect Lilly to win without run support.

Zambrano’s six-game suspension is fair. Yes, it’s only one start, but to miss a game due to his own stupidity stinks.

If I’m Jim Hendry I start hitting Z in the back pocket for his outbursts. What else can you do?

  • Cubs (23-23) are in fourth place.
  • W: Wolf (3-1) L: Wells (0-2) S: Troncoso (3)
  • Chicago was (5-2) against the Dodgers last year before the postseason.
  • Cubs are (14-9) at home.
  • Theriot is 8-for-15 on the home stand.
  • Soto is 4-for-10 on the homestand.
  • The catcher has also reached base safely in 19 of his last 21 games played.
  • Soriano is batting 4-for-32 in his last eight games.


  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    Understandably the biggest ABs of the game were Scales and Fox in the ninth, but Soriano’s AB in the 8th with two on an none out was pathetic.

    Home run, single, walk and then Soriano swings and whiffs on a pitch 12 inches off the plate. He has to better than that, especially now.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    True, but Sori isn’t the only player at fault.

    Where’s Bradley, Lee, and Soto? It’s a TEAM EFFORT that gets the Cubs back on track!

    My man, I feel your pain!

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