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Milton Bradley Injures Cubs

By bullpenbrian at 06.05.2009 4 comments.


Call me crazy, but the Cubs would be better off without Milton Bradley.

In 51 games this season Bradley has already suffered two injuries and served a suspension for arguing with an umpire.

It’s the story of his baseball life: bruised body, bruised ego.

Why Jim Hendry ever believed Milton Bradley could stay healthy–or sane–on the North Side, I don’t know?

But it seems consecutive sweeps in the postseason encouraged Hendry to take a risk he normally wouldn’t bite on.

At last, the decision to sign Bradley for 3-years at $30 million is biting him back.

What else would you expect from a guy who’s missed nearly 400 games since 2002?

So what if Bradley led the AL in OPS (on-base plus slugging) last year, he only played in 126 games–despite never landing on the DL.

Last year alone his ailments included light-headedness, a shoulder strain, a sore hamstring, a bad quad, a bruised forearm, sore knees, back stiffness, sinus problems, a sore wrist, and finally, soreness after a cortisone shot. And let’s not forget his three ejections, either.

Seriously, is this the player Chicago needs to win a World Series? I think not.

For certain, Bradley will miss more time due to injury this season and next season, and the following season too.

But, this is what the Cubs signed up for: a hot-tempered player who spends more time on the training table than in the lineup.

Call me crazy, but the Cubs would be better off without Milton Bradley.

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  1. chappy81 says:

    Yeah, he definately is dragging them down so far, but he’s heated up a little bit recently. I’d agree that he misses way too many games, I’m an A’s fan and he did it to us. In the end though he is a clutch player and will be an asset if the Cubbies make it to the playoffs! Check out our blog, we have a Cubs fan too! http://doin-work.com

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Thanks for checking out the article. I did the same at your site, good stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  2. ZAMORA0800 says:

    They seem to be just going through the motions sometimes and they bat as if there were squeezing a wine cork in their buttcheeks.
    Bradley is what he is! What did anyone expect? He was playing out a contract year and why do people think that changing a team will somehow magically fix all the physical and mental problems a player has had during his career?
    I just don’t understand why it’s any different in baseball if a player cannot fulfill his duties. (hit above 250 at least, field, steal, throw out a decent percentage of runners, execute fundamentals) why they are allowed to continually go out and do their job? If I went to work every day and didn’t turn in reports, didn’t show up, gave a half-hearted effort- I would be fired! Why does Bradley, Lee, Soriano, Soto and everyone else who is can’t hit keep getting trotted out there at the expense of losing a game. That’s not fair to us the fans!!! We pay to see players do their job not to see players think of a new excuse as to why they are not hitting. (See Bradley blame the Umpires for his sorry hitting!!!).
    Put someone new in, bring up some new blood from AAA or heck even AA ball like you did a couple of years ago Lou. If nothing else to let your weak-hitting veterans know that there is some competition out there. Maybe it will create a sense of urgency with some of these players and maybe it will show on the field. I am tired of it and tired of excuses- START PLAYING WITH SOME HEART!!!

  3. bullpenbrian says:


    With the Cubs under performing as one of the most talented teams in the league it’s fair to question the heart of this club.

    However, I don’t believe extreme measures are needed.

    I think some regulars need to sit for a few games, others need to be called out publicly by Piniella.

    Cutting ties with Perry, as silly a move as it may seem, is a start.

    But I agree, at times you get the feeling this team lacks the desire to win games.

    Who’s the hero in this lineup? Who’s want to shoulder the load and do what’s needed to win games behind stellar starting pitching?

    We haven’t seen such a player since Aramis fell lame at third base in Milwaukee.

    Mostly though, I think Lou has to eat some blame.

    Surprisingly, he’s resisted an on field blowup. The Cubs could not only use one, but they deserve one.

    Where’s the Lou that didn’t care about feelings in 2007?

    Whatever the case may be, what the Cubs are this season isn’t working.

    Hendry, Lou, and the players are all at fault.

    Winning the division should be the Cubs second focus…playing with more passion comes first.

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