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Geo Gets Fat Off Munchies

By bullpenbrian at 06.26.2009 Leave a comment.


Now we know the cause of Geovany Soto’s weight gain: the munchies.

I guess winning the Rookie of the Year Award means you celebrate by smoking a couple of fat ones?

Common mistake for a 26-year old, but am embarrassing mistake for a pro ball player.

Worse, it appears Soto took his sophomore season for granted, got lazy during the offseason, and dated Mary Jane instead of working out.

Not surprisingly, he’s now battling both his weight gain and batting average in year two.

You hope the embarrassment is enough to motivate Soto back to his old form. After all, no one likes having a muddy name.

I’ve been saying that the Cubs’ lack of run scoring would eventually affect its starting pitching.

When starters know they have to be perfect in order to win, they start trying too hard. That appeared to be the case with Lilly Thursday afternoon.

Don’t tell me there’s not a place to play Jake Fox, either.

If the guy can go 5-for-8 as a pitch-hitter and 6-for-13 on a road trip, there no excuse to keep him out of this lineup.

Other than D-Lee, no Cub hitter is immune from a sit down.

It’s about time Lou finally benched a regular, Milton Bradley being the first casualty. Fukudome, 1-for-16 on the road trip, should be next.

A sub .500 record in late June is a red flag. There’s simply too much talent on this team to be parked at meritocracy.

The pressure is squarely on Lou to turn this thing around. It’s his job as the manager to push the right buttons.

I’m tiered of hearing Lou say “what can I do?”

Just doing something would be a sufficient.

  • The Cubs (34-35) are in fourth place.
  • W: Galarraga (4-7) L: Lilly (7-5) S: Rodney (16)
  • Detroit has won its last seven games against the Cubs.
  • Chicago is now 13-22 on the road.
  • Derek Lee’s hitting streak ends at 21-games.
  • Ted Lilly has lasted at least six innings in his last 12 starts.
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