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Cubs Drowning At The Dish

By bullpenbrian at 07.01.2009 2 comments.


It seems the Cubs are not just treading water anymore, they’re submerged beneath it.

Specifically, the lineup is drowning in a hitting funk that rivals the Dead Ball Era.

Shutout by Ross Ohlendorf. Seriously?

Chicago’s three at-bats in the eighth after Theriot and Bradley reached second and third with no outs was pathetic.

Soriano goes down swinging, Fukudome looking, and Lee with a routine ground out to second.

Good teams come through in those situations. The Cubs, however, keep falling short.

Piling on the problems is the fact the Cubs couldn’t score a single run with its best starter on the mound.

Apparently, hitting coach Von Joashua found a hitch in Bradley’s swing. My guess says it’s located somewhere between Milton’s ears.

Maybe Samardzija improves the bullpen after spending a few months in Iowa?

Although, if the move was up to me, I’d keep Jeff in Triple-A until he’s ready to be a starter–even if that means waiting until next year.

Now 14 games into a stretch of 22 consecutive games played, the Cubs are 6-8 thus far. They’ve also dropped 17 of its last 23 road games.

If not for the 11 straight home games scheduled to end the first half of the season, Chicago might very well be finished before the trade deadline.

  • The Cubs (36-38) are in fourth place.
  • W: Ohlendorf (6-7) L: Lilly (7-6) S: Capps (18)
  • Chicago is 2-7 during the 10-game road trip.
  • Overall on the road, they’re just 15-25.
  • The Cubs suffered its first losing month (11-14) since August 2007 (12-16).
  • Lilly has gone at least six innings in 12 straight starts.
  • The lefty also leads the team with 12 quality outings.
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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    Soriano’s horrible AB was only over shadowed by Fukudome’s absolutely ridiculous attempt to bunt and otherwise not take the bat off his shoulders in three pitches.

    Starting Thursday this team needs to solve their issues. If they falter against the Brewers, Braves and Cards, this season could be lost. Unreal.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    Rex, I couldn’t agree more.

    When Spin-o-Rama offered his bunt attempt in the eighth, Ron Santo nearly passed out on-air!

    I think we all felt that way though…blind rage!

    But, that’s what this hitting funk has come to…two men in scoring postion, no outs, and how about laying down a big three-run bunt to tie the game.

    Just terrible.

    Still a long way to go, but this silly business of not hitting in the clutch must be put to rest after the road trip.

    I’m not giving up n the Cubs yet, but this latest stretch has been awfully frustrating.

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