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Happy Fourth of July Cubs Fans!

By bullpenbrian at 07.05.2009 2 comments.


“This looks like a Little League game.”

That’s the comment I heard from a fringe Cubs fan at the ‘ol Fourth of July barbeque.

Sadly, she was right. The Cubs looked more fit for Little Cubs Field at Humboldt Park than they did playing at Wrigley.

Two runs, two wasted opportunities with the bases loaded, and too bad there wasn’t a mercy rule.

Everybody has a bad day. Rich Harden’s was Saturday.

The shortest outing of his career (two innings) could have been much shorter.

I’ll at least give Harden credit for handling the embarrassment like a pro, taking a seat in the dugout without throwing a tantrum.

Thankfully, horrendous outings from the starting pitching hasn’t been an issue this season. The Cubs still lead the majors with 50 quality starts.

And if not for the starting pitching, Chicago would be the caboose in the Central standings.

Fukudome batting leadoff is fine by me, but Lou needs to stick with the move for it to work.

Following through on threats to change the lineup hasn’t been Piniella’s strong point this season. Most notably, respectfully sitting Soriano and Bradley for extended periods of time.

Anything short of sitting three games in a row isn’t a benching, it’s a rest.

It’s fair to call Soriano’s health into question. He’s mired in the longest slump of his career batting .168 in his last 37 games.

If the guy’s injured move him to the DL. If not, play Fuld in left field until his hot streak comes to an end.

Jeff Samardzija isn’t big league ready, the Brewers being the latest team to drive the point home.

One of Jim Hendry’s top priorities during July should be finding a quality bullpen arm.  In the meantime, send Jeff back to Iowa until he’s ready to start at the major league level.

Sunday is a huge game. Win and the Cubs take three of four against a division foe. Lose, and Chicago once again falls below .500.

I wouldn’t want anyone on the bump other than big-game Teddy Ballgame!

  • The Cubs (39-39) are in fourth place.
  • W: Looper (7-4) L: Harden (5-5)
  • Chicago has won six of its last seven games at Wrigley.
  • The Cubs are 116-94-3 all time playing on July 4.
  • Philadelphia is tied with Chicago for the most extra inning games this season (11).
  • Cubbies are 6-5 in extra frames.
  • I think Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot have the best chance at an All Star selection.


  1. The Cubs offense seems to be waking up a little. With A-Ram coming back, maybe these guys will start to play up to their capabilities. By the way, I hope Soriano never sees the lead off sport again.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    I think Aramis will live up to our expectations.

    He thrives under the spotlight and knows he’ll make the players around him better.

    Even if not fully healthy, Ramirez adds protection to Lee and make the lineup as a whole much deeper.

    Right or wrong, I think Soriano eventually makes his way back to the leadoff spot.

    I’m not saying I agree with the move, just stating that it’s likely he’ll be there before the end of the year.

    It’s not that I’m rooting against Alfonso, either. If he simply reverts back to his old form the Cubs will thrive offensively–no matter where he hits in the order.

    That said, if Fukudome finds his niche as the No. 1 Lou has no choice but to keep Soriano lower in the lineup.

    Let’s hope that’s the case!

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