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The Cubbie Special

By bullpenbrian at 07.09.2009 Leave a comment.


I’m calling this the Cubbie Special.

A wasted quality start, no offense and another injured player (Soto).

That’s been the story all season long.

And just when it seems the Cubs get going offensively, they poo the bed against Atlanta at home. Terrible.

More errors than runs scored sums up the afternoon.

I gave the Cubs’ offense a pass against Vasquez Tuesday, but Kawakami was let off the hook with two double plays (three total for the game) and nine men left on base.

What does it take for this team to score more runs? A million dollar question I suppose.

I’m not talking about scoring a ton of runs here, either.

The Cubs are 12-16 in one-run games this season. Flip that record around and they’re standing side by side to St. Louis and Milwaukee atop the division.

Instead, Chicago is back at the .500 marker for the 18th time!

The frustration of not scoring is leading me to wonder if trading for another bat is a worthy cause.

Is it safe to keep assuming Soriano and Bradley will break out of their season-long slumps? I don’t know anymore.

Soriano was peeved to learn he was out of the lineup Wednesday.

Although keeping quite to the manager is the right way to handle business, especially when you’re hitting like a pitcher.

And given the crappy weather, it’s a smart move on Lou’s part. You have to protect Sori’s legs.

Toronto released its long time closer BJ Ryan. I think it’s in the Cubs interest to take a look at him.

Marshall has really thrived coming out of the pen, but adding a proven lefty like Ryan couldn’t hurt.

The Cardinals series will be another measuring stick for Chicago.

Let’s hope the men in blue serve something other than the Cubbie Special.

  • The Cubs (41-41) are in third place.
  • W: Kawakami (5-6) L: Hart (0-1) S: Soriano (10)
  • Cubs are 4-3 on the 11-gme homestand.
  • In the last four games Chicago has allowed no more than two runs.
  • Kevin Hart joins Randy Wells as the second Cubs pitcher to make his first career start this season.
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