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No Star Game

By bullpenbrian at 07.13.2009 Leave a comment.

I’ve said many times that Bud Selig is not the bonehead many believe him to be.

Is he guilty, however, of some boneheaded moves as the Commissioner of Baseball?

Without question, yes.

The significance of World Series home field advantage being tied to the All Star game is perhaps, at the top of his stupidity list.

It’s not that I don’t welcome a competitive game between both leagues, but a meaningful game played under exhibition rules makes zero sense.

They’re two options to enhance the Mid Summer Classic.

Do away with the current format for selecting All Stars by letting the players and managers choose who’s most deserving, and that includes ditching the mandatory representative from each team rule.

Or, simply revert back to the old exhibition format, which suites my tastes and fairly swaps home field advantage between both leagues.

We’re seeing more nifty television effects for the home run derby each year.

The radar was cool as were the ultra slow-motion cameras.

The competition still takes too long for TV audiences.  I was cooked by the end of the first round.

Josh Hamilton was sorely missed. Can’t wait for his turn next year!

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