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Thirteen Wins And Counting

By bullpenbrian at 07.14.2009 Leave a comment.

Well, we’ve seen this movie before.

Thirteen straight wins for the AL. What an embarrassment for the NL.

Somebody explain to me how the AL having World Series home field advantage for seven consecutive years is good for baseball.

The last eight World Series to reach a Game 7 have all been won by the home team.

Letting an exhibition game determine the significance of this is silly business.

Ryan Howard battling Joe Nathan was the best part: power against power with the game in the balance.

Terrific catch by Crawford robbing Brad Hawpe of a go-ahead home run. I thought the catch was worthy of the MVP honors too.

The Rays will have a hard time hanging onto the 27-year-old. His club option is over after the end of the season and he’s due for a huge payday.

The chances of Tampa footing the bill is slim. Maybe the Texas native ends up signing with the Rangers?

I’m not disappointed Lilly didn’t pitch. It’s all the better for the Cubs’ lefty to get his rest.


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