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Cubs Deal Hart

By bullpenbrian at 07.31.2009 2 comments.

Sucks to be Kevin Hart today.

The former Cub is officially playing for the armpit of Major League baseball.

‘Pride. Passion. Pittsburgh Pirates’ is the headline on the club’s official web site.

They should be sued for fraud and ordered to change the header to Price. Pathetic. Pittsburgh Cheapskates.

In two days the Buccos have further depleted its entire 25-man roster to just three remaining position players from Opening Day. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s bad for baseball.

I love the addition of John Grabow to the Cubs’ pen. Just what Chicago needs: a quality left-hander…the arm I’ve been campaigning for the past several months.

I don’t feel one way or another about Tom Gorzelanny. Don’t care that he’s a local boy, either. His 14 wins in 2007 are my only interest and my only concern.

In the past two seasons he’s struggled to regain that old winning form. Does he get back to that mark with Chicago?

Kevin Hart made some nice strides with the Cubs, but I never thought of him as a top of the rotation starter. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the guy as a pitcher, just saying he’s worth trading for something good in return.

On the bright side, how’s it feel to be John Grabow today!

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  1. ScreamingLiner says:

    Agreed. The Pirates have done nothing in recent (long-term) memory to support the notion that their organization shouldn’t be shipped elsewhere. “Small-market” apologists…? Boo-frikkin-hoo. That’s not their problem. A classically-inept front office IS.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    It’s all about ownership.

    The Pirates have been the worst run team in baseball since the early 1990s.

    There’s no excuse at this point. It’s simply embarrassing…to the city, its fans and all of baseball.

    If I’m Selig I’d do my best to get the rest of baseball’s owner to put the squeeze on the Pirates ownership.

    A fire sale says a lot about how a team is run. Ever notice that the good clubs are always on the other end of those deals!

    I know Pittsburgh is easy wins for the Cubs each season, but I’d rather see it the other way.

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