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Fourth Inning Cubbie Blues

By bullpenbrian - August 11, 2009 - 9:00 pm 2 comments.


I’m turning the light out on this road trip.

It’s only the fourth inning, but the Cubs already trail 8-0.

Yes, I know it’s Colorado, a park where supposedly you’re never out of the game, but the Cubs can’t score, or at least is seems that way with Aramis out of the lineup again.

Bases loaded in the top of the first, no runs. Bases loaded in the top of the second, no runs.

Score after two innings: Cubs 0, Rockies 6.

And with Gorzelanny down Lou’s trying to limit the damage with fresh meat, Emailin Caridad, who’s making his major league debut.

Shame on me if the Cubs stage a game-tying rally, but I’ve got a feeling their chances are about as good as they’ve been with RISP.


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