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Fourth Inning Cubbie Blues

By bullpenbrian at 08.11.2009 2 comments.


I’m turning the light out on this road trip.

It’s only the fourth inning, but the Cubs already trail 8-0.

Yes, I know it’s Colorado, a park where supposedly you’re never out of the game, but the Cubs can’t score, or at least is seems that way with Aramis out of the lineup again.

Bases loaded in the top of the first, no runs. Bases loaded in the top of the second, no runs.

Score after two innings: Cubs 0, Rockies 6.

And with Gorzelanny down Lou’s trying to limit the damage with fresh meat, Emailin Caridad, who’s making his major league debut.

Shame on me if the Cubs stage a game-tying rally, but I’ve got a feeling their chances are about as good as they’ve been with RISP.

The defense isn’t much better, either. Dropped balls, missed cut-offs and a wild pick-off throw is ruining my perfectly good dinner from El Tapatio.

So I’m cashing out, changing the channel to watch Griffey’s Mariners take on the White Sox.

The Cubs are going to lose three of four against the Rockies, end the road trip below .500 and trail St. Louis by three games in the Central–if the Cards hang on to win against Cincinnati.

I talked about it Friday, this isn’t your grandfather’s Rockies, or even the 2007 Rockies for that matter, this year’s edition is much better.

Colorado pounded the Cubs into submission, specifically one Todd Helton who has nine hits in the series at the time of this post.

Why the Cubs can’t score, and why they keep pitching to Helton, I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t much care, either.

There’s much to sort out on the long flight home to Chicago, and the sooner the Cubs get in the air it’s all the better.

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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    Really? The Cubs offense relies so much on Aramis that they can’t score without him in the lineup?? Something is seriously wrong with this group and it starts with the manager. Bases loaded twice in two innings and nothing! This team is truly baffling.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      Yes Rex, that’s what I’m saying!!!

      Without Aramis the Cubs are toast. He MEANS that much to this lineup.

      No need for #s, think about the Cubs’ offense without Aramis in the first half…then with Aramis in the season’s second half.

      They’ve been a completey different unit with this guy swinging a hot stick.

      I think this club better use whatever means neccessary to keep Ramirez off the DL…or else, YIKES!

      I’m satisfied with Lou’s decisions, too. It’s not his fault the whole lineup craps the bed with men on base.

      He bats Fukudome fifth and MB from the 2-hole. He plays Fuld, double switches guys like Baker into the lineup and keeps tinkering to find a spark.

      Of course, nothing has really worked, but at least he’s trying something.

      I don’t agree with you on this issue…Lou’s not the problem, the dead weight in the lineup is.

      I’m not surprised we have differing views…that’s usually the case when times are tough and we each have are own ideas of what would, and would not, help the situation.

      Let’s just hope one of us is right before it’s to late to catch the Cards.

      As always, your comments are much appreciated.

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