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Cubs Season Slipping Away

By bullpenbrian at 08.14.2009 2 comments.


You can just feel the playoffs slipping away.

The Cards lead the Central by 4.5 games with less than 50 games to play.

And while I sat in section 209 watching Cliff Lee and the Fightin’ Phils complete a convincing three-game sweep of the Cubs, I thought about a scene from the movie Cast Away.

As Tom Hanks floats at sea on a makeshift raft his beloved volleyball, ‘Wilson’, is swept away by the ocean’s currents.

Despite Hank’s heart felt rescue attempt to save Wilson, he finally realizes that he’s deprived of the energy and resources needed to bring back his only friend from the deserted island.

All Hanks can do from the raft is painfully watch Wilson drift farther out to sea…never to be heard from again.

The same scenario appears to hold true for the Cubs. Without Lilly, Zambrano and Aramis, the Cubs just don’t have the resources to keep pace with St. Louis.

The postseason goal isn’t out of reach yet, but it’s drifting farther away than the Cubs can swim to save it.

Perhaps I’m over reacting to the Phillies’ sweep, a series in which the Cubs failed to hit a single home run at little ol’ Wrigley Field, but it doesn’t feel that way.

Instead, it seems this season is painfully slipping away…never to be heard from again.



  1. dyslecix says:

    Oh your not over reacting, let’s just be real and admit our season is over. The spark just hasn’t been there this year. The lineup looked great in the offseason on paper, but has been rather dull on the field. Brian Roberts would be great at 2nd, and another impact OF also is needed addition this winter.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    I feel your frustration, man!

    And I want to know where’s the desperation from this club?

    Where’s the pride?

    The season is slipping away, but the Cubs play as if there’s six more months to play.

    Sure the many injuries hurt, but there’s still enough talent on this team to make October baseball.

    I’m with you on the offseason moves. Hendry rolled the dice big-time and is now paying the price for those risks…Aaron Miles, uuhhhh!

    Nonetheless, I’m not throwing in the towel just yet.

    The Cards’ 4.5 games lead isn’t insurmountable, but the overall effort from the Cubs has to match the realization that the season is on the brink of imploding.

    Thanks for checking out the article…and remember that you’re not alone in your suffering!

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