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By bullpenbrian at 08.21.2009 Leave a comment.

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I’m past emotions at this point, and apparently, so are the Cubs.

Another embarrassing loss on the West Coast has dropped Chicago seven back of St. Louis warranting nothing more than the occasional shoulder shrug and head shake–my reactions following Russell Martin’s grand slam in the sixth.

And so, gone are the days of fit-throwing, sleep deprivation and most importantly, the natural high of a winning streak…and so much for meaningful September baseball, too.

But at least the Cubs are laying us down gently this year opposed to being swept out of the NLDS.

Meanwhile, I’m submitting the Cubs season to my new favorite blog failblog.org, a hilarious collection of the many things gone wrong in this world.

That’s not to say I’m laughing at Chicago’s failed attempt of a third straight division title, but what Cubs fan couldn’t use a good laugh about now?

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