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She’s All Yours

By bullpenbrian at 08.22.2009 2 comments.

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Here you go Ricketts Family, she’s all yours.

What a way to celebrate new ownership: one freakin’ hit Friday night. Whoopee.

Heck, the opposing pitcher had the game-winning hit for goodness sake, a double scoring two unearned runs.

Besides the Dodgers completing a sweep, can this 1-4 road trip get any worse?

Chicago is 4-11 in its last 15 games. Worse, they’re 6-12 on the road since July 20, and 11 games below .500 on the road overall.

Don’t look now, but the Cubs are just one win better than Houston and two better than Milwaukee.

Not that it matters, of course, but it does illustrate just how far the Cubs have fallen from the top spot in the Central.

Baring a sports miracle, we know the Cubs are cooked: seven games back with six weeks to go.

No hits, no runs, no chance at a September comeback.

She’s all yours Ricketts Family, she’s all yours.

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  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    I know I’m growing delusional when I look at the schedule upcoming for the Cubs and get excited.

    Then I remember that the teams playing the Cubs are doing the same thing.

    • bullpenbrian says:

      The upcoming schedule on paper appears to be in the Cubs favor: Washington & New York at Wrigley.

      But despite what lies ahead, the Cubs have simply been garbage lately…and that’s the bigger issue, not the opponent.

      There’s still a remote chance for the Cubs to win the division, yet they’re playing like the season is over, finished, kha-put.

      If they can somehow win the next two games in L.A. –can’t believe I just said this– they’ll have one last chance to make a September run.

      Lose the next two games and not a single game in September will mean a damn!

      Thanks for checking in Rex!

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