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Check Please

By bullpenbrian at 08.26.2009 2 comments.


I had my fill two-fold Tuesday night.

Bella Luna Cafe, one of my favorite hangouts, offered up the perfect chaser to Big Z’s and Aaron Heilman’s ghastly performances: linguini and mussels covered in a spicy marinara sauce, yum!

The Cubs were cooked, of course, before dinner was served. And my dish couldn’t have tasted any better unless garnished with Aaron Heilman’s meatball to Elijah Dukes.

By the time Washington opened a 9-1 lead the Cubs were trumped on the cafe’s television in favor of the Little League World Series, and that’s what this season has come to, watching little twerps compete in Williamsport, PA.

We know the Cubs’ season is over, besides its nine-game deficit in the Central, because they’re playing like it.

Losing this badly to the Nationals can only mean one thing: our Cubbies have quit, or at least it appears this way.

Whatever the case, I’ve had my fill…check please.



  1. Rex Jaybels says:

    I reached a point of comfort with all of this last night. I felt the care wash away. Serenity now.

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    I’m with you Rex.

    The Cubs have put the season to rest with its recent play the past three weeks, namely the lack of offense.

    So they’re laying us down gently this year…the way you lay fresh sheets over the bed.

    The disappointment of the season that ‘should have been’ has yet to sink in, but I’m guessing that will come while watching the Cardinals play postseason baseball.

    I’ll keep watching the Cubs, of course, but will know better than to get overly excited–win or lose.

    What a shame for all of us, really.

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