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Wrigley Boycott?

By bullpenbrian at 08.28.2009 Leave a comment.


Some thoughts from high atop the Skybox on Sheffield.

I haven’t seen Wrigley’s seats this empty on a game day in more than three years.

The official attendance for Thursday’s game is listed at 35,174. That must be tickets paid or they’re now counting passengers on the Red Line.

Large sections of the upper deck were empty, especially down the left field line.

For certain, the weather was poor: overcast, rainy and a bit chilly, but empty seats, c’mon. This had to be the smallest crowd all season.

I’m not saying unfilled seats are a bad thing, either. What better way to show our frustrations and disappointments than by boycotting the ol’ ballyard?

I also haven’t heard the Cubs faithful boo a player so loudly as they do Milton Bradley since Kyle Farnsworth and Corey Patterson were around.

No way Bradley makes it through September without a blowup. He’s much too volatile a personality and so are the bleacher bums in right field.

And what in Sam Hill was Bradley doing bunting in the first inning?

With a runner on and the Cubs trialing 3-0 Milton weakly pops out on a bunt attempt. What?

The guy entered the game batting 5-for-9 on the homestand, including home runs in the past two games, and he’s bunting? Booooo!

The afternoon sky was so overcast you couldn’t see the top of the Sears Tower looking south from the Skybox. The Cubs have the same view looking up at the Cardinals…out of sight.

I’ve yet to see a fan go barefoot at the ballpark until this afternoon.  But there he was, a normal looking dude at first glance, tooling around the Skybox without shoes…who does that?

Never a dull moment at the Skybox, just wish the same held true for the Cubbies on the field, too.


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