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Why Aramis Matters

By bullpenbrian at 08.30.2009 2 comments.


Take a guess at Aramis’ batting average during the past month.

I bet you’ll end up on the light side.

In his past 27 games Ramirez is hitting .365, which also includes 19 runs scored, nine doubles, six home runs, a triple, and 27 RBI.

Meanwhile, he’s posted multi-hit efforts during the first four games of the homestand, extended his home hitting streak to 17-games and improved his overall average at Wrigley this season to an eye-popping .405.

Still have any doubts the Cubs would be in contention had Aramis not dislocated his shoulder?

Ramirez’s injury, obviously, isn’t the sole purpose why the Cubs have dropped like a rock in the postseason race, but it’s a huge factor, nonetheless.

Like I’ve said many times before, without Aramis in the lineup the Cubs are toast.

Keep him healthy, and maybe, just maybe, the Cubs still have an outside chance at making the postseason…next year.

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  1. You are right on with your thoughts on Aramis. He has been the most consistent Cub over the past four years. It’s a shame he’s hit the DL several times. I believe it would have made a major difference if he wouldn’t have missed so many games. Regardless – I hate the fact that none of the Cubs players stepped up. Dee-Lee was probably the only one stepping up to the challenge. I can’t be mad at Fukudome either because he has actually had a solid sophomore year. But Sori, Bradley, Theriot, and the worst of all Fontenot suck! Since they traded away DeRo and let go of Kerry, everything went downhill. I think we need a solid second baseman next year! We should’ve gotten Brian Roberts when we had the chance! Fontenot and Miles just don’t cut it!

  2. bullpenbrian says:

    There’s no doubt the Cubs are the biggest disappointment in all of baseball this season.

    For certain, missing Aramis hurt the club badly, but as you pointed out, there’s plenty of talent to go around…and it’s not like the Cubs are short on firepower.

    Chicago can’t even claim first place with injuries, either. The Mets and Reds are far superior at getting hurt!!!

    Would have been thrilled to see Hendry land Brian Roberts this past offseason. Although, I personally had my sites set on Orlando Hudson.

    Either way, the Cubs missed out on two premier talents, which certainly limited the production they’ve gotten from second base.

    There’s lots of finger pointing to go around at Wrigley…all parties involved are guilty: Hendry, Piniella, and most importantly, the players.

    September is going to be one very long month of Cubs baseball…but as uncle Lou would say: what can we do?!?!

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